Our Pipeline

Enabled by our proprietary drug discovery platform, we have developed a diverse pipeline of wholly-owned drug candidates.⁽¹⁾

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Pre-Clinical Phase 1 Phase 1b/2 Phase 3 Regulatory


Broad Spectrum Inhibitor of KIT & PDGFRA

Ripretinib is an orally administered switch-control kinase inhibitor that was engineered to broadly inhibit KIT and PDGFRA mutated kinases by using a dual mechanism of action that regulates the kinase switch pocket and activation loop.

  • GIST ≥4ᵗʰ Line (INVICTUS Study)⁽¹⁾


Inhibitor of CSF1R

Vimseltinib is an investigational, orally administered, potent and highly selective switch-control kinase inhibitor designed to selectively bind to the CSF1R switch pocket.


  • TGCT (Phase 3 MOTION Study)


Inhibitor of ULK

DCC-3116 is an investigational, orally administered, potent and highly selective switch-control inhibitor of ULK kinase.

  • RAS/MAPK Mutant Cancers In Combination with Trametinib, Binimetinib, or Sotorasib

Updated as of November 2022; (1) Exclusive development and commercialization license with Zai Lab in Greater China for QINLOCK.