Healthcare Professionals

At Deciphera, we value the vital expertise and sincere commitment healthcare professionals provide to patients. Together we can change the way cancer is treated and bring hope to the patients we serve.

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Putting patients first

We put patients first and they are the driving force in our mission to discover, develop, and deliver important new medicines for the treatment of cancer. At Deciphera, we recognize and appreciate the critical role that physicians, nurses, and various healthcare professionals play in the lives of people with cancer and in our fight to defeat cancer.

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Diseases we target
Our pipeline
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A targeted approach with extraordinary potential

Leveraging our deep expertise in kinase biology, we design kinase inhibitors targeting the switch pocket region of the kinase with the goal of developing potentially transformative medicines.

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Our clinical studies

Deciphera is driven by our mission to discover, develop, and deliver important new medicines to patients for the treatment of cancer. We are grateful to the physicians and patients that are helping to advance our research programs through their participation in a clinical study. Clinical studies are currently underway for several of our investigational drug candidates that may have the potential to address unmet medical needs across multiple diseases. Clinical studies can lead to life-changing new medicines for people with cancer.


Funding and Support

Through grants, sponsorships and research opportunities, Deciphera is committed to our patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, healthcare providers (HCPs) and researchers.

Access Point

Personalized support and financial assistance for U.S. patients receiving QINLOCK

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