At Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, we are developing novel drug candidates to improve the lives of cancer patients by addressing key mechanisms of tumor and drug resistance that limit the effectiveness of many cancer therapies. Our pipeline of drug candidates is designed to stop cancers from growing and spreading by inhibiting mutant forms or over expression of a family of enzymes called kinases.

Enabled by our proprietary kinase switch control inhibitor platform, we have built a diverse pipeline of wholly-owned, orally administered drug candidates that includes three clinical-stage and two research-stage programs. We designed our lead drug candidate, ripretinib (DCC-2618), to inhibit the full spectrum of the known mutant KIT and PDGFRα kinases that drive cancers such as gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST), and to also inhibit amplified or mutant forms of these kinases that are involved in certain solid tumors, gliomas and advanced systemic mastocytosis (ASM).

We are also developing two other clinical-stage drug candidates, DCC-3014 and rebastinib, as immuno-oncology kinase, or immunokinase, inhibitors targeting the kinases CSF1R, and TIE2 kinase, respectively.

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