Our platform is capable
of producing advanced
kinase inhibitors with
distinct profiles and
anti-cancer effects.  
Advanced Switch Control Inhibitor Platform

Deciphera’s proprietary switch control platform is uniquely capable of producing advanced kinase inhibitors with distinct profiles and qualities for anti-cancer effects. By simultaneously blocking multiple cancer signaling mechanisms, our therapies can control drug-resistant mutations while improving therapeutic potency, durability, and selectivity. With the leading-edge capabilities of our platform and drug development team, we are able to engineer therapies with either kinase-specific or balanced, spectrum-selective profiles to provide greater anti-cancer benefit. Our powerful platform and deep insights have led us to create a portfolio of kinase inhibitors across the spectrum of today’s cancer treatment approaches, including both tumor-targeted therapies and immuno-targeted therapies offering highly-selective immunokinase inhibition.

In many cancers, kinases play a key role in stimulating tumor cells to grow, proliferate, become invasive or hide from the immune system. Deciphera, with its switch control platform, has a proven approach to selectively block kinase activation, even when a tumor has become resistant to other drugs as a result of a mutation.  By inhibiting the activity of kinases, we regulate the signaling that promotes cancer growth or protects it from immune cells, for improved anti-cancer effects.

Deciphera’s advanced kinase inhibitors address drug resistance mechanisms to improve rate & durability of responses

Deciphera Kinase Inhibitor Act 1 from Deciphera Admin on Vimeo.

Part 1: Kinases direct cell signaling activity to control cellular processes and are regulated by switches to adopt active or inactive kinase states.

Deciphera Kinase Inhibitor Act 2 from Deciphera Admin on Vimeo.

Part 2: Deciphera’s switch control inhibitors restore the immune system to a strong cancer fighting state by blocking immunosuppressive kinase activation.

Deciphera Kinase Inhibitor Act 3 from Deciphera Admin on Vimeo.

Part 3: Deciphera’s switch control inhibitors block mutated kinase signaling to prevent aggressive tumor growth and proliferation, even in cancers that are resistant to other kinase inhibitors.

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