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Jean-Yves Blay, M.D. is a medical oncologist, researcher, and professor. He currently holds the position of General Director of the Centre Léon Bérard, in Lyon, France, and additionally maintains active roles at this institution including Professor of Medical Oncology at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Head of the Integrated Research Site of Lyon (LYric) of the French National Cancer Institute, Director of the Network of Reference Centers for Sarcomas in France, Chairman of the French Sarcoma Group, and Director of the Institute for Clinical Science. Dr. Blay’s research focuses on sarcomas, targeted treatment of cancer, the biology of breast carcinoma and the relationship between tumor immunologic microenvironment and malignant cells with the goal of clinical applications. He is a member of the European Union Committee of Experts of Rare Diseases (EUCERD) and the European Commission’s Scientific Panel for Health (SPH) and is Faculty Coordinator of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). Dr. Blay has also served as President of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) from 2009-2012.